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Fairview Park Biological Report (link)

Wetlands and Riparian Brochure (link)

Wetlands Graphic (link)

Vernal Pool Brochure (link)

Native Plant Maintenance Guide (link)

Wildflowers of Fairview Park (link)

Fairview Park Master Plan (link)


City Policy 500-11 (link)

Santa Ana Marsh 1985 Field Study (link)

Vernal Pool and Marsh Delineation Map 1998 (link)

Vernal Pool A, B, and C Map 2002 (link)

USFWS Vernal Pool Management Letter (link)

USFWS San Diego fairy shrimp Final Rule (link)

OCRP Southern Tarplant MOA 2011 (link)

Xerces Dragonfly Guide (link)

Native Pollinators Guide (link)

Save Fairview Park Ballot Measure AA Full Text (link)

Vote Yes on Measure AA No on BB Article (link)

FFNP Photo Album (link)

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