Red-tailed hawk flying over the last of Costa Mesa's open space.

We are a group of Costa Mesans that want to protect Fairview Park as we know it, an open space passive use nature park, and to help it become one of the best nature parks in Orange County. Fairview Park is the last bit of nature we have in an otherwise built out city. Just like the best nature parks the world over, the value of this area comes from it not being developed.

Thanks to citizens organizing and mobilizing in 2016 to successfully vote for a preservationist city council majority and enact legislation known as Measure AA to save Fairview Park from development, the focus now includes restoration of habitat which has been degraded and neglected for far too long while under review.

If you would like to get involved with restoring, maintaining, or learning about Fairview Park as a nature park, then go ahead and like our facebook page below for updates and ways to get involved.

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